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[12 Jan 2002|01:57pm]
Amelia Earhart, 2001

If all things were magnets,
would not, then, you and I be (again)
lured to that bathroom in that chain
restaurant? Its not that Im prone
to such sleaze, its more the taste of us
crammed into the stall, your jeans bunched
at the ankles, a moonwashed flake of fire
in your eyes and dangling like a predicate
over our heads--the fluorescenting lights. Two girls
walk in just as I am showing you my best
privacies. One is pissed about her imaginary
dry cleaning bill from a wine spill on her shirt;
the other, I imagine, is reapplying lipstick--her
comforting-voice sounds muffled like a kiss
or lisp. You are pulling on my hair, I am holding
your ass so you dont fall and, for a second,
I want almost to invite these girls to join us.
Its not that Im into orgies, its more the
polarity of objects with these girls that are dead
in places, as you and I have been for years.
Dead most with our jeans on the floor,
pockets turned inside out as flaccid as tongues.
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[11 Jan 2002|12:53pm]

Which David Lynch character are you most like?
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[06 Jan 2002|02:56pm]
i start school again tomorrow.....*sigh* classes are at 9 am...that's pretty early for me..but maybe it'll be good, a nice change actually having a day like most people....tonite lyric and myself are going to asian square in atlanta to get some things for the house..we want one of those cloth things that hangs in the doorway--with a split down the middle...and i want a robe/kimono....things things....*does her materialistic dance*...cause we are living in a material world, and i am a...ok..i'll spare you the rest of the lyrics.....been looking (browsing really) for jobs as of late....there are these amazing ones in LA in film production...they need people with MA's in English and i have no idea why...the job description isn't very descriptive....i don't want to live in LA, but i'd LOVE to work in the film industry..i guess it's going to have to be a trade off...maybe i'd eventually like it..haven't been there since i was 12....i'd much rather be in san fran....and i really don't have to think about this now anyways cause i'm still in school...which reminds me i have to read 100 pages before my first class's american writing to 1860..ugh...plymouth plantation shit....but i'm also taking a class on the confessional poets which i am excited brain is fried right thinking about getting some ginko biloba....lyric says it gave her a to read Irving.........
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[06 Jan 2002|02:54pm]
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[21 Dec 2001|02:28pm]
fun fun with FO-TOS....this photography thing iz fun....must get off computer....must leave house today..must go get coffee...damn, it's not working....oh well:)
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[21 Dec 2001|02:26pm]
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[20 Dec 2001|02:56pm]
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[16 Dec 2001|03:49pm]

T-shirt weather
in Georgia. You're on
the blue porch
swing. Look! Neither
the leaves nor the clouds,
like syllables, are in motion.
This world, the one
you read, is only half
here--stuck like phlegm
between two words
of the settling in and the breaking up.
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[13 Dec 2001|01:23am]
that's the silliest picture i've ever seen! lol
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[13 Dec 2001|01:18am]
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[09 Dec 2001|05:56pm]
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[08 Dec 2001|06:08pm]
woooohooo! i did it!! It's real small but what the hell...
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[08 Dec 2001|06:06pm]
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[08 Dec 2001|05:21pm]
hELP! i can't get my pictures to show you've probably seen by all the blank says that the pics are locked up because of security reasons??? huh? how do i get around this??
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[07 Dec 2001|03:03am]
i got a new computer..i got a new computer...*sings*..anyone wanna see pictures of me? how bout nudie ones? do i get pictures on this page? anyone know? i know you people do!
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[07 Dec 2001|03:02am]

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[30 Nov 2001|05:49pm]
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<img src="" title="I am Imelda Marcos."><br \><a href="">Which Evil Criminal are <i>You</i>?</a>
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[20 Nov 2001|02:14pm]
hey! give me some or i'll tell everyone how craaaazy you people really are...hehe.....seriously, liz, anois, ken.....

Poem as Houseguest

This is the part when you try to hide upstairs,
turn off all the lights,
crawl under the bed maybe
or behind the shower curtain but this is pointless--
its seen the secret hiding place
for your key under the flower pot and besides,
this house is too dark.
Since it knows you are here, it will knock lightly,
you have to let it in.

Pretend to greet it warmly, maybe a hug.
Consider serving baked lamb
because it's a vegetarian.
But don't be carless in setting
the table--it likes the sharp part of the knife
facing the plate, it's eccentric and will stay longer
if you pour red wine, telling
stories of the war and other travels
or the week the power lines
were drowned by the snow storm.
And you've heard all these before. We all have.
Don't pretend to be tired or have a headache--
just sit quiet as a cup,
it's here to stay.

Don't be surprised when it decorates
the guest bedroom with trinkets,
your bathroom with its toothbrush.
It has maps of the town and wants to visit
every museum in a fifty mile radius,
wants you to take it there
and here it is showing you slides
of its other trips, as if you weren't bored enough,
it has two suitcases full.

It wants to take the cat for a walk,
swim in your bathtub. Its laugh is so loud
the walls shake from time to time
as if there were a train.
But your mind is not in this world
with its chained hostess, not in that other
outside the window
where the tracks keep on rolling.
We leave you somewhere
near the front door considering
how a poem could be more
than an uninvited houseguest.
(And it can.)
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[19 Nov 2001|04:09pm]

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[07 Nov 2001|11:22am]
so fucking nervous....i have this project due today in my imagining language theory class....i'm gonna have to explain my project (which is based on alphabetic dimensions and letterism) and the "theory" behind it for like 30 minutes...have i mentioned that i never speak in this class?? atleast i don't have to stand up...breathe.....inhale......
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