abcprincess (abcprincess) wrote,


was driving home from class and there were all these "frat" looking boys holding up signs that said "honk if you support our troops" and blardy was a strange scene...surreal almost and i'm not sure why...but this came out of it......

Signs Say Honk if You Support Our Troops
--for Gillian Conoley

We Must Make it or Break it
implying a made-ness a maid-less
spinster or maybe more like a he-ness
nearer to me than my hands.
You must make it or take it
out back near the shed and shoot it
into neon pieces. If not, it will creep
in between your spring sandals
and the broom near the door.
Go wrap electrical wire around your house.
Go insulate your car with bubble wrap.
Let it be known, we have been forewarned.

My ex- once told me I turned tongue
into bits of diaper. I dont kiss
her anymore. She learned to take her babies
and shake them or spank them. Me,
all my lucky children are imaginary.
I honk as if I support troops
of girlscouts scouring the woods,
searching for the center of that secret
woman (You go, Girls!), eating
twigs like cookies, careening past rocks
leaving a wake of something like ticker tape. . .
They are my parade and all
around them is blank code for luck.
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